SuperM Places First on the Billboard Charts, Say Their Next Goal is to Perform at the Super Bowl

On the November 26th broadcast of ‘One Night of Entertainment’, SuperM expressed their happiness on placing first on ‘Billboard 200’ with their debut album.

The group released their first album in the States titled ‘SuperM’ back on October 4th, completed their first tour in North America, recently performed at Madison Square Garden in New York City as the first solo K-pop group to perform there, and managed to place 1st on the Billboard 200 Chart.

When asked to share their emotions on achieving such a big accomplishment, Kai said that the group all screamed once they found out and Baekhyun added that their next dream goal would be to perform at the Super Bowl. Hopefully that dream will come true.

SuperM’s next tour date will be on January 30, 2020 in San Diego.


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