‘Lovely Runner’ Star Song Geon Hee Backs Kim Hye Yoon’s Choice, Admits He’d Choose Byun Woo Seok Too

Lovely Runner Song Geon Hee
Lovely Runner Song Geon Hee
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Lovely Runner star Song Geon Hee expressed his support for the romance between Kim Hye Yoon and Byun Woo Seok‘s characters in the drama.

In an interview with Star News ahead of the show’s finale on May 24th, Song shared his thoughts on his character Kim Tae Sung’s feelings for Im Sol (played by Kim Hye Yoon).

Song explained that Tae Sung had never been in love before and developed a fondness for her because she was the first person to ever scold him. However, the actor explained that he didn’t realize it was love at the time.

Regarding the relationship between Sol and Tae Sung, Song said, “Tae Sung must be heartbroken, but he knows he’ll never be Sol’s man. That’s why he tells Sun Jae, ‘If you have feelings for her, shouldn’t you be taking care of Sol instead of worrying about me?’ when he got jealous. I think he said this because he knows what Sun Jae and Sol would feel about him.”

He also described that Tae Sung was a diligent student when he was younger, yearning for love and acceptance, but the lack of a mother figure and family friction ultimately led him down a different path. Song explained, “He’s very kind and likes people, and he doesn’t want to be enemies with anyone.”

“I was quite surprised and happy by the scene where he asks, ‘Did I like you?’ It’s because Kim Tae Sung feels like he can finally like someone,” Song explained.

When asked what he would have done if he were in Tae Sung’s situation, Song said, “Tae Sung wasn’t the type to express his feelings openly, and he wanted Sol to see him as a friend. I think I would have cheered them on from behind too. I would have told her about my feelings for Sol in a way that wouldn’t make her feel uncomfortable.”

Song Geon Hee and Kim Hye Yoon have a special connection, having previously worked together on JTBC’s dramas SKY Castle and Snowdrop. Song said, “I felt that Sol in this drama is very close to Kim Hye Yoon in real life. She’s always bright and energetic on set, and she’s always a pleasure to be around. She’s always working hard and never complains. It’s been a much more relaxed and pleasant reunion.”

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