‘Uncle Samsik’ Episodes 1-5 Recap: Will Song Kang Ho and Byun Yo Han Be Able to Achieve Their Mission?

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Disney Plus’s original series Uncle Samsik released its first five episodes on May 15th, instantly generating buzz for its compelling characters and gripping performances.

Uncle Samsik tells the story of Samsik (Song Kang Ho), a man determined to feed people three meals a day even during wartime, and elite young man Kim San (Byun Yo Han), who dreams of building a prosperous country.

In episodes 1-5, viewers are introduced to a turbulent period where Samsik and Kim San navigate their intertwined ambitions. Samsik, a natural strategist, uses every method at his disposal—including showering Kim San with rice, snacks, and dried fish—to persuade him to join his grand plan. Samsik also manipulates Kim San’s friend, Army Captain Jung Han Min (Seo Hyun Woo), who repeatedly fails to get promoted, highlighting Samsik’s astute nature.

Credit: Disney Plus

Kim San, disheartened by society’s turmoil, is eventually drawn into politics by Samsik’s meticulous persuasion, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating what ambitions will unfold under Samsik’s grand vision.

Adding to the tension, Congressman Kang Sung Min (Lee Kyoo Hyung) suspects Samsik of hiding secrets, further heightening the drama. Meanwhile, Kim San’s lover Joo Yeo Jin (Jin Ki Joo) feels betrayed by his changes and breaks up their relationship, setting the stage for emotionally charged confrontations.

A standout moment at the end of episode 5 sees Samsik captured and delivering the line, “Did I create the world, or did the world create me?” with a enigmatic smile. This scene leaves a lasting impression and showcases Song Kang Ho’s masterful performance, garnering explosive praise.

Meanwhile, Uncle Samsik airs every Wednesday at 4 PM KST with two episodes each week, concluding with three episodes in the final week, totaling 16 episodes available to viewers worldwide.

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Source: Disney Plus

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