‘The Good Bad Mother’ Episode 8 Audience Reactions: ‘Emotional Rollercoaster,’ Viewers Say

the good bad mother episode 8 recap
the good bad mother' episode 8 recap
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In the JTBC Wednesday-Thursday drama The Good Bad Mother, Ra Mi Ran discovers a secret message in Lee Do Hyun’s letter. With an explosive response, the viewership rating soared past 9.5 percent, maintaining its steady rise.


In Episode 8, Young Soon (played by Ra Mi Ran) contemplated taking her own life, but thanks to Kang Ho, she had a change of heart. It was in that brief moment when he stood up on both feet that she saw a glimmer of hope. However, he quickly became resolute, leaving his mother behind as he exited the house. When he returned home, Kang Ho questioned why she wanted to leave him behind. Young Soon explained that she was afraid her own pain would burden him, but Kang Ho posed a piercing question, asking, “Did I become a burden to you because I’m sick?” In response, Young Soon sincerely apologized to him and explained that they have now become each other’s ‘guardians.’

As the lost happiness gradually revealed itself between them, Young Soon received a call from the security guard at the place where Kang Ho used to live. It turned out that on Kang Ho’s birthday, he had visited the security office and left a letter. She asked him, “Did you know you would end up like this? Did you want to tell me something with this?” However, Kang Ho’s memories from before the accident remained blurry.

Meanwhile, a surprising discovery was made behind the family photo of Young Soon, Kang Ho, and Hae Sik (played by Cho Jin Woong). This SD card has sparked speculation, suggesting that Kang Ho may have anticipated Tae Soo (played by Jung Woong In) putting him in harm’s way. If this is true, the SD card could hold crucial information for seeking revenge, making Kang Ho’s story even more captivating.

Here are some social media reactions from viewers after watching Episode 8 of The Good Bad Mother:

“Here’s my review of The Good Bad Mother Episode 8:

The way they overlapped baby Kang Ho’s first steps with grown-up Kang Ho’s first step in this episode was absolutely amazing. It had such a powerful impact on me when they depicted Young Soon pushing Kang Ho into the water, fully aware that he couldn’t move his legs. It added so much intensity to the scene and made it even more gripping.”

“The more I watch, the more I feel sorry for Choi Kang Ho… Am I right to feel this way? He didn’t harm the baby or the baby’s mother; in fact, he was looking after them. He went to great lengths to cut off the ties with his mother to protect her. But what’s heartbreaking is that he didn’t leave a will or a message of farewell; instead, he left behind a coded message for revenge. I can’t even begin to imagine the emotions he must have experienced. This drama has completely shattered me. The Good Bad Mother and Choi Kang Ho are like the ultimate heartbreakers.”

“The ending of Episode 8 of The Good Bad Mother is mind-blowing.
The sentence “In the memories where the three of us were together” perfectly aligns with the one and only picture and the memory card hidden beneath it.”

“‘The memories of the three of us being together are deeply ingrained in my heart.’

The SD card hidden beneath that picture, holding those cherished memories…
The way they built up today’s episode of The Good Bad Mother is absolutely astonishing.
Can’t wait for next week!”

“My reaction to Episode 8:

Kang Ho is seriously the most adorable thing ever. I mean, come on, he’s finally standing up on his own! Bravo, Kang Ho, you nailed it! You totally deserve all the praise, respect, and admiration in the world. Seriously, he’s such a cutie pie!

And now, prosecutor Choi Kang Ho’s revenge drama is about to kick into high gear. I’m absolutely smitten and counting down the minutes until the next episode!”

“Next week in “The Good Bad Mother,” we can expect an intense collection of moments featuring Lee Do Hyun:

  1. Storming out in anger
  2. Dramatically tossing documents
  3. Loosening his tie
  4. Discussing marriage with Mi Joo
  5. The comeback of Club Kang Ho
  6. A captivating dressing room scene with his fiancée.”

>> K-Drama Review: ‘The Good Bad Mother’ An Emotional Rollercoaster in a Family Drama

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