Jung Sung Il Says Ha Do Young Loves Moon Dong Eun in ‘The Glory’

jung sung il the glory
jung sung il the glory
Credit: Netflix

Jung Sung Il sat down for an interview about The Glory, which continues to be the hottest topic these days.

Some viewers commented that Ha Do Young (Jung Sung Il) shows even better chemistry with Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) than Joo Yeo Jung (Lee Do Hyun). In response, Jung Sung Il humbly replied, “No, I can never be generous with myself. I don’t think I did well. Some scenes, I watched from the corner of my eyes. I’m still embarrassed.” He then added with a laugh, “Perhaps it’s because of the scenes at the Go place, but honestly, even I thought that scene was cool. The director did such a wonderful job filming it, and the music was great too.”

When asked if Ha Do Young’s feelings toward Moon Dong Eun were love, the actor replied, “Ha Do Young didn’t say it was love, but from what I think, when you feel curious, breathless, and excited, that’s love. If you can’t breathe while doing something you like (because of that person), that’s love.”

jung sung il the glory
Credit: Netflix

Although Ha Do Young was drawn as a cool-headed man, he was warm and affectionate toward his daughter Ha Ye Sol (Oh Ji Yul). Even knowing that she’s not his biological daughter, Ha Do Young embraces her as his own. Jung Sung Il shared his thoughts, saying, “I wasn’t sure how much I should feel about Ye Sol at first. As a father myself, I understand how much love you end up with as you raise a child. So I sympathized with Ha Do Young’s thoughts. I wondered, ‘Can I give up everything, including my company and social life, to protect this child even though she’s not my daughter?’ And the answer was yes.”

He added, “I think, in a way, Ye Sol could have been the most comfortable person for Ha Do Young, a person who can strip away everything to show his real face and say what’s on his mind exactly as it is.”

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