Curated Playlist: 10 Best K-Pop Songs of 2022

best k pop songs 2022

Edited by Yoon
Translated by Hana Lee

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The year 2022 was filled with many hit songs released by idols of all generations. So, without further ado, let’s look at the top ten K-pop songs that dominated this year (The order is based on release dates).


Taeyeon always brings new music for her fans to listen to. Following My Voice (2017) and Purpose (2019), which feature her soft and soothing vocals, “INVU” maximizes her elegance with the theme of soft moonlight. She showcased her polished dance moves, great storytelling and outstanding vocal through the “INVU” music video and the tracks in her album. Her ability to juggle two tasks as a solo vocalist and idol is amazing. 

(G)IDLE – TOMBOY (3/14)

(G)I-DLE swept the domestic music charts and set a new best record with their single “TOMBOY” despite their year-long hiatus. Soyeon’s artistic endeavor and her inspiring music helped the group become more resilient and sturdy. The genius album title — I NEVER DIE — as well as the bold message behind it was well-received by many listeners.

Red Velvet – Feel My Rhythm (3/21)

Red Velvet has always put out music a little different than everything else out there. “Feel My Rhythm” stayed atop music charts for a very long time despite its complex melody and hard-to-follow arrangements. Although it drew attention for having classical music embedded in the song, Joy’s ‘Blow confetti (all around)’ part was what really made the song immensely popular. Her expressions, vocal and dance received favorable reviews and went viral on various social media sites, including TikTok.


The K-pop group that owned this year is none other than IVE. All their songs, from “ELEVEN” to “LOVE DIVE” to “After LIKE,” received great love from fans across the world. And among the three, “LOVE DIVE” was the song that became the biggest hit and achieved the highest level of perfection. The hit song made them one of the most successful artists of all fourth-generation K-pop groups, and it is definitely one of the most iconic songs released in 2022.

TXT – Good Boy Gone Bad (5/9)

The teen boys who were struggling with their feelings and identities suddenly made their shocking comeback through “Good Boy Gone Bad.” Although the song is aggressive and has a bold message, their performance is carefully orchestrated like a fun costume party that is not too dark or over-the-top. After releasing their second full-length album, TXT came up with another interesting minisode to add to their diverse discography.

NCT DREAM – Beatbox (5/30)

NCT DREAM grew exponentially through their second studio album, Glitch Mode, and it was “Beatbox,” the title track of their second repackaged album, that further solidified their stage presence. Previously showcased their “neo” concept through “Hot Sauce” and youthfulness through “Hello Future,” they came back with another brilliantly arranged song, “Beatbox,” which shows a similar sense of contrast that was shown in their previous releases. Through the song, the act managed to show off some impressively synchronized dance moves to their easy-going melodies. 


SEVENTEEN kicked off their world tour this year after all members renewed their contract with Pledis Entertainment. “_WORLD,” released before the tour, presents a new image of them instead of showcasing their usual powerful group performance. It is one of the easiest SEVENTEEN songs to sing along to, and it concludes the worldview behind their full-length album Face The Sun. It is a clever track that follows both the trend and continuity of their album.

NewJeans – Attention (8/1)

Known as Min Hee Jin’s group, New Jeans perfectly met the public’s expectations. In particular, the combination of their nuanced looks and the 90s’ dance moves added to the charm of their “Attention” MV. The rookie act also showed their various aspects through “Hype Boy”, “Cookie” and “Attention.”

Crush – Rush Hour (9/22)

Crush’s comeback song after his military service was nothing short of what everyone was hoping for. “Rush Hour” featuring J-Hope made everyone groove, teasing another lane of his discography.


LE SSERAFIM wowed everyone with their “ANTIFRAGILE” performance. Although Kim Garam left the group during the “FEARLESS” promotions, the act returned stronger and more confident than before. They shout with confidence that they will go higher up while comforting listeners by saying it’s okay to fall. Their strong awareness as singers and their passion for creating an excellent stage made many music lovers root for the group.


Editor Yoon: I love music, especially K-POP, and I dream of becoming an A&R person, lyricist, artist, etc. I will cover various articles, including song reviews, artist reviews, and K-pop market analysis.

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