Cho Gue Sung Apologizes for Calling Cristiano Ronaldo “a Jerk” During the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Cho Gue Sung
Credit: tvN

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Cho Gue Sung guest appeared on the 174th episode of tvN’s You Quiz on the Block

The footballer showed affection for the program, saying, “I was asked to appear on a few TV programs after the World Cup. You Quiz on the Block was my first choice. I always watch the show and am a huge fan of Yoo Jae Suk. It’s a huge honor to be here.”

His handsome looks have captured the attention of global soccer fans. He humbly said, “I flipped my hair while stretching before the game. Thankfully, people thought it was cool.”

This year’s match earned him a new nickname, ‘K-hot temper.’ Not only did he butt heads with Cristiano Ronaldo during the game against Portugal, but he also said that “Ronaldo is just a jerk” in an interview following the game. He apologized for his remark regarding this issue, saying, “I was a bit careless. Don’t get me wrong—I like Ronaldo very much. I made a mistake as I was overly excited after winning the game. Looking back, I should not have said it. My apologies.”

Cho Gue Sung proved his popularity with his Instagram followers growing exponentially after the game. He revealed that the number jumped from 40,000 to 2.95 million after the tournament and that his mother saved his number on her phone as ‘World star Gue Sung.’

He also shared what it was like being selected for the World Cup squad. “I was taking a nap as I was scheduled for an evening game that day. When I woke up and checked my phone, there was a congratulatory message. My name Cho Gue Sung was on the list, which made me think, ‘Am I still dreaming?’

Talking about why he thinks his coach had put him on the team, he quoted what Paulo Bento said, “We picked you because you have different skills from Hwang Ui Jo. You are the player who can lead the team so you should join us in the upcoming game.” He explained, “I thought I should play the way he wanted me to play during the World Cup match to run for other World Cup games in the future, so I tried my best.”

When asked about whether he received any offers from overseas, he said, “I did. Every soccer player has dreams of going abroad, and I know that is also what many of my fans want. So I would love to achieve my dream if possible.”

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