Top 3 Actors with Worst Manners Voted by Entertainment Journalists: Ma Dong Seok, Kim Tae Ri & Nam Joo Hyuk

worst korean actors
worst korean actors
Credit: ABO Entertainment, management mmm, News Culture

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Sports Kyunghyang conducted a survey for the 6th Wildberry Film Festival with 34 entertainment journalists regarding the films released from December of last year to November 30th of this year.

And one of those categories was “Actors with Worst Manners” – and the winners were Ma Dong Seok, Kim Tae Ri, and Nam Joo Hyuk.

First, Ma Dong Seok won a total of 20 votes, becoming the worst-mannered actor of 2022. The biggest reason was his absence in promotions. He was the producer and the lead actor of The Roundup, the first Korean drama to surpass 10 million admissions this year, but he chose not to do any of the interviews and later only released self-answered questionnaires. Even for Men of Plastic, released in November, he once again sat out the media interviews.

These are some of the comments left by the journalists: “He wants his movies to be successful but doesn’t want to do the interviews,” “Who’d want to promote the movie? He’s not showing any respect to his fellow actors,” “What is he, an avatar?” and “This is the worst manner he could show as both a producer and an actor.”

Kim Tae Ri ranked second with 11 votes. The biggest reason was her childlike attitude during the interviews. Not only did she scribble on papers throughout the interview, she even “poured out criticism toward a director who made his debut overseas in her interview.” One commented, “The actress, who’s suffering from the ‘Na Hee Do disease’ (Kim Tae Ri’s role in Twenty-Five Twenty-One), showed the very worst of manners by using carefreeness as her weapon.”

Remember star Nam Joo Hyuk came in third with 6 votes. The biggest reason is the negative impact he had on the movie with his school violence scandal.

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