Why Is ‘One Dollar Lawyer’ Concluding Early? Here’s What an Insider Has to Say

one dollar lawyer review
One Dollar Lawyer
Credit: SBS

A report revealed that SBS’ One Dollar Lawyer’s frequent cancellations and early conclusion are due to a feud between production company Studio S and the series writer.

The eighth episode of the drama achieved its new all-time high by recording an average nationwide viewership rating of 15 percent. The drama’s successful run made Nam Koongmin a proven go-to actor, but the glory didn’t last long. According to multiple reports, it was revealed that there had been a discord between the production studio and the screenwriter, which made many feel like walking on thin ice while working for the production.

An anonymous drama official said on November 9th, “Studio S, a production company spun off from SBS, put more importance on their performance and efficiency than the quality of the drama itself. As a result, all conflicts and rifts occurred.” The official remarked, “Most drama productions have minor conflicts between writers, directors, actors and production companies, and they eventually give in to one another to create a fine work altogether. But Studio S was not the case.”

According to the source, everything went smoothly until the fifth and sixth episodes aired. However, the conflict between Studio S and the writer arose over the excessive use of product placement. A product placement expert said, “I could not believe my eyes when I saw the product placements in One Dollar Lawyer. Products were placed blatantly everywhere in the show from the very beginning.”

One Dollar Lawyer has so far canceled three episodes and shortened its series to a 12-episode season. The final episode of the show will be aired on November 11th.

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