DKZ Talks About Why They Don’t Have Main Dancer and Singer and Their New Song “Uh-Heung”

dkz uh heung
dkz uh heung
Credit: Beauty+
The boys of DKZ posed in fall outfits for the new pictorial for Beauty+.

Unlike other K-pop groups, DKZ doesn’t divide their positions like the main dancer or main singer. “Of course each member has their own talents; some can sing and some can dance,” Jaechan explained. “But if we decide who’s the main singer or the main dancer, it could make us lazy by making us think, ‘I’m the main dancer, so I wouldn’t have to sing so hard.’ That’s why we just got rid of all the positions.”

Among the six boys, Jaechan has already worked with Beauty+ before. “There are pros and cons in working solo and as a team,” he shared. “When I’m posing alone, I just see myself, so I can focus more on the details. But when I’m with the members, I have to think more about how we look as a team. So it puts more pressure on me to do a better job.”

dkz uh heung
Credit: Beauty+
dkz uh heung
Credit: Beauty+
DKZ recently made their comeback with “Uh-Heung.” Mentioning their previous song “Cupid” that became the group’s biggest hit, Kyoungyoon said, “After we finished promoting ‘Cupid,’ I felt very anxious.” Jaechan added, “We wanted to show that DKZ can pull off any kind of concept, including the one for ‘Uh-Heung.'”

Mingyu chose KCON 2022 Japan, held earlier this month, as the most memorable performance and commented, “I was grateful to be able to perform on such a meaningful stage.”

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