Yoon Jisung Recalls the Time When He Begged to Be Taken Off Wanna One Because of Endless Hate Comments

yoon jisung wanna one
yoon jisung wanna one
Credit: KBS

Former Wanna One member Yoon Jisung shared the story of how he was ridiculed after making his debut as Wanna One.

On the 27th, Yoon Jisung appeared on KBS’s Okay? Okay! and confessed that he formed a fear of standing in front of people after reading so many hate comments.

Elaborating that he was a target for mockery while promoting as Wanna One, he shared, “Starting from when I was on the survival program until the disbandment of Wanna One, and even now, I’m the subject of mockery.”

He then recalled the time he met the people who “introduced” themselves as his fan. “People came to me saying, ‘I’m your fan.’ So, I shook their hands and told them, ‘Thank you so much.’ Then I went online and read a comment saying, ‘Yoon Jisung that ret*rd was so happy and shook my hand when I said I was his fan but I don’t even like him.'”

Yoon Jisung also talked about how the fact that he isn’t exceptionally good at singing nor is that good-looking became the reason for all the ridicule. The artist surprised everyone when he said that he begged the head of his label to be removed from Wanna One. “I begged him while crying, asking to be removed from the group. But I couldn’t show it because people would say I’m weak,” he said.

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