‘Project Wolf Hunting’ Jang Dong Yoon’s Interview: Seo In Guk, TIFF, ‘Joseon Exorcist’

project wolf hunting tiff
project wolf hunting tiff
Credit: The Contents On

Jang Dong Yoon opened up about various things in an interview about Project Wolf Hunting.

Project Wolf Hunting is a hard-boiled action flick depicting the process of transporting heinous criminals that even Interpol had given up on from the middle of the Pacific Ocean to Korea.

“I like watching all kinds of movies regardless of genres, even the R-rated movies,” the actor opened up. “It was an action movie that I’ve never seen in Korea before, so as one movie buff, I enjoyed it a lot.”

Project Wolf Hunting was invited to several international film festivals, including the 47th Toronto Film Festival. Jang Dong Yoon shared, “It seems that they definitely have different aspects from the Korean festivals. The people there actively expressed their emotions, cheering on and stuff.”
When he was asked why he chose the movie, he answered, “I tend to try to choose projects that’ll help me broaden my career as an actor. When I read the script, I thought ‘This will be new for me’ and I found that charming.”

In the movie, Jang Dong Yoon plays Lee Do Il, a criminal who must return to Korea. He’s a mysterious, reserved character who looks far from someone who’ll commit a crime. “I had to keep the mysterious vibe while feeling displeased about what the other characters are doing,” the actor introduced. “The director didn’t want me to attend the action school. He wanted something raw. And when I saw the completed version of the movie, I realized why he told me not to do so much action practice. I think he wanted something realistic.”

project wolf hunting tiff
Credit: The Contents On

Unlike the gruesome and bloody content of the movie, the atmosphere at the filming set was very friendly. As for Seo In Guk, he commented, “In Guk is so friendly. He has the personality of a typical tough guy. I’m not talking about my prejudice; I’m talking about what we all think about.” He added, “He was reliable, cute like a close brother, and very humane. He wasn’t at all pricky. I really loved working with him.” He then mentioned, “Jang Young Nam, Son Jong Hak, Sung Dong Il, Park Ho San, and Jung So Min, they were all so friendly. And they really like drinking.”

Though Jang Dong Yoon didn’t directly bring up Joseon Exorcist, he commented, “I try to accept everything in a positive way, so I just think that I’ve learned a lesson early on.” He continued, “It was a bad thing, of course, and I believe that I also have a reason to blame. I also posted an apology letter. Something like that happened quite early on in my career, so I learned from the public, learned something important in my life.”

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