Hyun Bin on Returning with ‘Confidential Assignment’ Sequel, Becoming a Father and More

Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin
Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin
Credit: VAST Entertainment

Hyun Bin had a video interview with Sports Chosun on the 1st. The actor talked about everything from coming back with the Confidential Assignment sequel and his pride in the series to his married life with Son Ye Jin.

Set to be released on September 7th, Confidential Assignment 2: International follows North Korean detective Lim Chul Ryung (Hyun Bin) and South Korean detective Kang Jin Tae (Yoo Hae Jin), and FBI agent Jack (Daniel Henny) teaming up to pursue a notorious drug ring.

“The prequel received a lot of love. So when I heard that the sequel was being produced, I said I’d only participate if the cast stayed the same. And thankfully, I think everyone had the same thought,” Hyun Bin shared. “If the prequel centered around Lim Chul Ryung’s revenge for his wife, the sequel shows him a bit more relaxed.”

There’s even a saying in the entertainment industry that “if Hyun Bin acts in North Korean dialect, the project becomes a major hit.” To which he answered, “Those kinds of expectations are quite pressuring. But as the saying goes, I hope that Confidential Assignment 2 makes a big hit too.”

Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin
Credit: VAST Entertainment

Hyun Bin once again showed exceptional chemistry with Yoo Hae Jin. “What he said was right. It was nice to see him again, and there was this sense of comfort. We were able to share each other’s thoughts much more easily when we started filming because of this comfort between us.” Then the actor praised YoonA as “a very clever actress.” He explained, “She’s learning as she constantly blames herself, and in that sense, she’s an actress I’d like to see for a long time.”

But Yoo Hae Jin and YoonA are not the only ones Hyun Bin is reuniting in the movie. Seventeen years after shooting the hit drama My Lovely Sam Soon, he’s reunited with Daniel Henney. “We’ve lost contact for a long time, but strangely, we went back to how we were before quickly. So we had fun filming, talking about what we’ve been up to,” he shared.

In Confidential Assignment 2, Hyun Bin shows a more “comical” acting. “If I can show a new side of myself, I want to try the comedy genre,” he commented. “Lim Chul Ryung shows his funny side when he’s with Kang Jin Tae’s (Yoo Hae Jin) family. It was plot-wise impossible to show it in the prequel, but I’m satisfied that I can show more of my comical side in Confidential Assignment 2.”

Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin
Credit: VAST Entertainment

Earlier this year, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin tied the knot, making headlines for weeks. And not long ago, Son Ye Jin revealed that they were expecting their first child. “I feel the same. But maybe how my fans see me has changed,” the actor said. “I’ll have to live hard as a father. The fact that I’m having a baby hasn’t really hit me yet, but everyone I asked told me that it finally hits you when you actually see the baby. It’ll be the same for me too, I’m sure. Still, this is such a blessing, so I’m waiting with pleasure.”

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