Ji Chang Wook Talks About His Character in ‘If You Wish Upon Me’ and His Plans After Filming the Show

Ji Chang Wook
Credit: 1st Look

Ji Chang Wook graced the latest issue of 1st Look magazine showing off his stunning looks and style.

In an interview after the photoshoot, the actor revealed his initial thoughts on If You Wish Upon Me, saying, “I cried a lot when I first read the script. Yoon Gyeo Rae is someone who barely survives without a will to live. It became a habit for him to inflict pain on himself by getting tattoos all over his body. He has numerous wounds and a pessimistic outlook on life.”

He added, “I was drawn to the role as I have never played a character like him before, so I wanted to give it a try. His rather twisted personality felt real to me, and I could relate to him as we share some similar traits.”

Credit: 1st Look

The actor also shared what he had been doing after filming the drama. He said, “I focused on recovering by eating, sleeping well, and going to the gym. Unlike the characters I play in my works, I live an ordinary life. However, I sometimes feel deeply for the characters whenever I find that we have a common experience we share. Every time I’m done with a project, I try to empty my thoughts by going on a trip or working out.”

Ji Chang Wook
Credit: 1st Look

Regarding his dreams as an actor, he remarked, “I want to become an irreplaceable actor who is armed with unique talents. There were times when I was dying to be successful. But now, I realize that it’s important to just take one step at a time and believe that time is on my side. I’m hoping that such a process will make me a good actor eventually.”

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  • How can he not know he’s already a great actor? He’s super talented and a great versatile actor…he’s the best of the best!!!!

  • His the best Korean actor anyway! His versatile and his good look makes his fan like me dying to see everyday. JCW your the best!

  • Ji Chang Wook is the greatest actor I have ever seen. I live in the state, but I only watch Korean Dramas and his is the best ever. He is just so great at acting you get hooked on his series fast. I have a love of his DVD Korean Dramas and I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have watched them. I love his voice when he sings and on top of that he is so handsome and when he smiles, and those smiling eyes, you lose your heart. He is my favorite actor.

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