‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Episode 8 Recap: Park Eun Bin Confesses Her Feelings for Kang Tae Oh

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 8
Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 8
Credit: ENA

The eighth episode of ENA’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo featured Woo Young Woo (played by Park Eun Bin) confessing her feelings for Lee Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh).

It was Jun Ho who brought up ‘that day.’ When Young Woo and Jun Ho were left alone, he asked, “Did you get home safely that day?” referring to the day she tried to see if she liked him or not by touching him. Turns out, she had run out of the room when he got too close to her.

When asked about ‘that day,’ she failed to remember what had happened right away and asked him back, “That day?”. He hesitated for a bit and asked her again, saying, “You just ran out all of a sudden.” A few minutes later, she recollected what had happened that day and got candid about her feelings, stating, “That day, my heart rate was really high.” “Even though I did not touch you at all, my heart was beating very fast, So… I think I do like you,” she added, making viewers’ hearts flutter.

After her confession, Jun Ho was seen looking concerned and gave her an unexpected answer. When he ventured to say, “Attorney Woo. I…,” she said, “Running… away?” However, what she said was not to show her disappointment with his remark. It just came out of her mouth when she spotted Park Yoo Jin running away from the scene. So the conversation between the two came to a halt as they chased after the provincial office employee. The cliffhanger episode left viewers all in the dark about how things will pan out between the two.

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