3 Things to Look For in the New Netflix Series ‘Remarriage & Desires’

Remarriage and Desires
Remarriage and Desires
Credit: Netflix

Remarriage & Desires tells the story of revenge and desires at a top-class matchmaking agency Rex, where the lust for money outweighs true love. Ahead of the premiere on the 15th, the production team shared the three key points to look for.


Secretive Marriage Business for the Upper Class

Director Kim Jung Min said, “I wanted to show that a story that depicts the primal human desire is different if it’s made on Netflix.” As such, the director illustrates the secret desire of the upper class who even treats marriage as a business. Rex is a matchmaking agency only for the selected few, and everyone who has joined the agency wants to meet the Black-ranked (the highest rank) people. Kim Hee Sun shared, “Regardless of which country you’re from, I believe we all have the same desires. I hope that people’s latent desires will come to wake after watching Remarriage & Desires.”

Remarriage and Desires
Credit: Netflix

Explosive Synergy of the Cast – Kim Hee Sun, Lee Hyun Wook, Jung Eugene, Park Hoon & Cha Ji Yeon

The most-anticipated element of Remarriage & Desires is the passionate performances of the cast – Kim Hee Sun, Lee Hyun Wook, Jung Eugene, Park Hoon, and Cha Ji Yeon. As Cha Ji Yeon once said “I was drawn to the power of the characters,” the actors’ synergy in drawing out various kinds of desires is the most important in Remarriage & Desires. Seo Seung Hye joins the race of desire for her revenge; Lee Hyung Joo looks for the perfect partner at Rex; Cha Seok Jin looks for love marriage among the people who are looking for a deal called marriage; and Choi Yoo Sun is the CEO of Rex who had built her kingdom using the people’s desires.


A New Perspective on Marriage and Love

Netflix, which has surprised the world with K-materials in Squid Game and Kingdom series, deals with a marriage information agency (matchmaking agency) that only exists in Korea through Remarriage & Desires. With this, the series throws out a new interpretation of marriage and love, the long-standing topics of mankind.

“I think that the subject matter of family, marriage, and love are must-included topics in a drama that tells the story of human lives and the most sympathetic and loved material,” said Director Kim Jung Min. He will tell a familiar and absorbing story for Koreans and a new type of fun, intriguing story for foreigners with “an interesting plot in which various human desires are intertwined in a unique vessel of a matchmaking agency for the upper-class.”

Meanwhile, Remarriage & Desires will be released on the 15th.

Source: Netflix

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