PICK: 10 Best Korean Dramas of 2022 So Far

Best Korean Dramas 2022
Best Korean Dramas 2022
Credit: JTBC, SBS, tvN

With the rising competition in the OTT market, numerous dramas came out in the first half of 2022. Disney Plus unveiled its original series one after another, and Netflix released new shows hoping to create the next Squid Game. However, almost all of them didn’t live up to their initial hype. Disney Plus failed to make a sensation, and Netflix didn’t enjoy much success after All of Us Are Dead. In terms of genres, romance dramas’ winning streaks remained undefeated this year. Pleasant romantic comedies like Business Proposal and Twenty-Five Twenty-One became globally popular through Netflix, and Our Blues and My Liberation Notes were dubbed ‘healing dramas’ and received many positive responses.

See what our editors picked as their favorite shows of the year so far!


Our Beloved Summer & Business Proposal
Best Korean Dramas 2022
Credit: SBS

Editor Kim Won Hee: Several cute and bubbly romance series caught our eyes in the first half of this year. Our Beloved Summer tells a beautiful story that brings back memories of fresh first love through two former lovers who get pulled back into each other’s lives. Its gorgeous cinematography and the brilliant acting of Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik is definitely something of note. Furthermore, its script collection sparked significant interest among viewers as the drama is filled with many inspirational and hitting quotes.

Webtoon based drama Business Proposal cleverly uses common romance tropes to unfolds its story in an entertaining light. The wonderful chemistry between the actors and their performance that makes viewers heart flutter are also remarkable.


Juvenile Justice & Bloody Heart
Best Korean Dramas 2022
Credit: Netflix, KBS

Editor Seo Hae Lan: I spent the first half of 2022 enjoying the dramas I have been waiting for. Juvenile Justice was something I was dying to watch as it starred Kim Hye Soo, but it was something much more than I expected. I could feel the writer’s struggle, and none of the scenes were unnecessarily used. The actor’s performance was good. Those who played the juvenile judges did a great job of leading the main story, and the rookie actors who played the boys nailed their parts. It was as if I saw the future of the South Korean film industry.

Bloody Heart was completely my cup of tea as I enjoy watching political and romance shows. The tense atmosphere, the actors’ performance, and the screen filled with vivid and bold colors caught my eyes. Although the ending had split reviews, I think it was best for all concerned, especially for the lead couple who love fearlessly and fight tirelessly for their country.


Through The Darkness & The Sound of Magic
Best Korean Dramas 2022
Credit: SBS, Netflix

Editor Hwang Hong Sun: Through the Darkness is a work that changed the trajectory of investigative drama. It follows the heart rather than the rational mind, and it guides the audience through the criminal mind rather than chasing the criminal. Thanks to these aspects, the drama clearly portrays the anguish of the investigators and the cruelty of crimes that weren’t dealt well in previous investigative dramas. Since Kim Nam Gil performed his part so well, it wouldn’t be surprising if he took home the SBS acting award this year.

The Sound of Magic offers an ecstatic viewing experience. Some of the state-of-the-art directing presented viewers with a bemused smile. My absolute favorite part of the show was the message it conveyed, showing how the magical consolation delivered to this harsh world warmly approaches and touches the heart.


Business Proposal & Our Blues
Best Korean Dramas 2022
Credit: SBS, tvN

Editor Yang Young Jun: I still can vividly remember the works that made me laugh and cry in the first half of this year. Business Proposal is a drama that constantly made my cheeks rise to the heavens. I believe this is due to the open use of rom-com clichés and the exaggerated acting of actors who appear to have met their best characters. I had no choice but to immerse myself in the work since the story development was cool, and the narrative of the sub-couple and the main couple was engaging.

Our Blues is a show that depicts the life of ordinary people. It may appear obvious in some ways, but it is a drama that taught us that the stories of regular people can still provide enormous comfort. It’s also appealing that Jeju Island was portrayed as a “people-living community” rather than a “tourist destination,” revealing an unseen side of Jeju.


Through The Darkness & My Liberation Notes
Best Korean Dramas 2022
Credit: SBS, JTBC

Editor Hong Hyun Jung: Through the Darkness portrays earnestness and the detective’s desperate desire to catch the criminal on the side of the victims and their families. As it is based on actual events, the drama does not consume crimes as entertainment. At the same time, the process of solving the case with tension through profiling the criminal’s mind, which is a shred of invisible evidence, vividly depicts the era in which this innovative investigation approach arose.

My Liberation Note is realistic as well as literary. Each individual stands out for its realistic circumstances and a sense of helplessness and loneliness that cannot be alleviated. So I immerse myself further in this story of people seeking hope, love, and life, and get to reflect on myself in the process. It is a powerful piece that propels viewers ahead.


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