IU Says She’s Thrilled by All The Praises Her Performance in ‘Broker’ Is Receiving

iu movie broker
iu movie broker
Credit: EDAM Entertainment

On the 7th, IU held a video interview ahead of the movie Broker‘s release. IU’s first commercial film Broker was officially invited to the competition section of the 75th Cannes Film Festival, and the lead actor Song Kang Ho won Best Actor.

“I was so busy in France and I couldn’t even tell if I was at the Cannes or not. And it’s still the same,” IU shared. “Most of all, it was just amazing that Song Kang Ho won Best Actor. I had goosebumps. Seeing him go on the stage and sharing his acceptance speech; it was like a scene from a movie.”

After the world premiere, IU’s performance received rave reviews, enough for some to expect her to win Best Actress. “I was grateful for all the kind reviews, but I had no disappointment (in not winning the award),” she laughed. “I couldn’t believe all the praises I received after the movie was released. I thought people were just being kind to me. But I translated some overseas reviews, and I finally realized it. It was surprising that there were people who were impressed with my acting. ‘Is this the power of director Kore-eda?’ I thought. Anyhow, it felt good.”

iu movie broker
Credit: EDAM Entertainment

The most difficult scene to shoot was the opening scene where she left her baby in the church baby box on a rainy day. “Rather than giving us detailed instructions, he just trusted the actors to go with the flow,” she mentioned as she talked about Hirokazu Kore-eda’s style. She then recalled, “But I filmed that first scene all night long in heavy rain. It was so cold and physically challenging. But after watching the movie, I thought, ‘It looked really nice.’ I was satisfied. Everyone worked really hard.”

In Broker, you can also see IU swearing. “I practiced cussing in front of my mom and dad. They’re the most objective audience.” She then added how she asked them to say if anything felt awkward as she practiced.

iu movie broker
Credit: CJ ENM

At the Broker premiere and the closing ceremony red carpet, Song Kang Ho was spotted stepping on IU’s dress, giving a big laugh. “I heard that the pictures look nicer with long dresses,” IU said. “So I hugged my dress around because it could get in the way of other people. The pictures looked nice and I was satisfied, but if I ever get a chance to walk down the red carpet again, I’m going to wear a short dress.” And about the time Song Kang Ho stepped on her dress, she commented, “The photos looked hilarious.”

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