K-Drama Review: ‘Soundtrack #1’ The Excitement Somewhere Between Love and Friendship

Kdrama Soundtrack review

Edited by Seo Hae Lan
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

Kdrama Soundtrack review
Credit: Disney Plus

There is a story that will tickle your heart as much as the gentle spring breeze. Disney Plus original series Soundtrack #1 is a romance drama centering around a man and a woman, who have been best friends for many years, getting to know each other while staying in the same house for a while. The beautiful “pictures” created by director Kim Hee Won, who helmed the production of The Crowned Clown and Vincenzo, and the “music” that acts as an important device in the relationship between the two characters please both the eyes and ears. Also, as a 4-part drama, the show focuses on the core of the story and cuts down all the unnecessaries.

Eun Soo and Sun Woo have been friends for 19 years. They’ve experienced the sweetness and bitterness of their short lives together and know everything about each other, from little habits to their love lives. To Eun Soo, Sun Woo is the oldest and most precious friend she can’t lose. To Sun Woo, Eun Soo is someone who trusts him more than himself and someone he had loved since before he knew what love was. When lyricist Eun Soo struggles to melt the emotion of “unrequited love” in the lyrics, Sun Woo stays at her place and helps her with her project until he leaves for his photography project. Soundtrack #1 deals with the process of two people living together for a short period of time, writing lyrics together, and becoming aware of their feelings for one another.

The time, space, and the relationship between the characters are all designed to focus on Eun Soo and Sun Woo’s “love story.” The two of them appear together most of the time and stay in the same time and space. The people they meet are acquaintances that already know about their feelings for one another or those that give them an opportunity to look into their emotions, for example, the lyricist who gave Eun Soo her project and Sun Woo’s manager. The same goes for the opportunities that showed up in front of them. The lyrics-writing project that has Eun Soo tearing her hair out from the lack of inspiration and the most important moment in Sun Woo’s career as a photographer – they are just an opportunity to come true about their feelings. Putting everything aside, Soundtrack #1 concentrates on the process of confirming the two people’s long history and the emotions they’ve been putting off for a long time, allowing viewers to get immersed in the story.

Kdrama Soundtrack review
Credit: Disney Plus

Eun Soo and Sun Woo have been friends since they wore school uniforms, and they are not awkward around each other even after staying apart for a long time. Sun Woo is the most precious person to Eun Soo, and Sun Woo has loved Eun Soo for a long time in his own way. In order to portray the history and friendship of these two without any special devices, the actors’ chemistry and performance are the most vital. In that sense, Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee show flawless chemistry that exceeds expectations. From the first scene they appear together, they give off a comfortable yet heart-fluttering vibe. Even in scenes when they don’t show up together, they convince viewers how they’re thinking of each other with their acting. Viewers know that they are the most precious and comfortable people to each other even when they’re not together.

In episode three, released on April 6th, Sun Woo and Eun Soo are at the risk of denying their own feelings again. Not wanting to lose the very precious one in their lives and hoping that they’ll stay comfortable around each other, they choose not to either ask or show their feelings. At this point, I feel frustrated enough to just yell, “Just kiss already!” When will they finally be honest about their feelings for one another? If you want to know the ending to their love story, check it out on Disney Plus now. (5/10)


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