Weekly TV Top10: ‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ Continues Reign at No. 1 as ‘Business Proposal’ Ratings Soar to New All-Time High

twenty five twenty one

Drama Ranking for the 2nd Week of March

tvN’s Twenty-Five Twenty-One is continuing its reign at No.1 for five weeks straight. Many praised the sweet chemistry between Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri, but some criticized the show for depicting a romance involving a minor. SBS’ Business Proposal rose to No.2 with growing popularity. Kim Se Jung received rave reviews for her acting, and many commented that it’s a little cheesy but fun to watch. KBS’ Young Lady and Gentleman slipped to third place as viewers tuned out of the show due to its slow development. SBS’ Through the Darkness went out on No. 4 with viewers demanding its sequel. Fifth place went to JTBC’s Forecasting Love and Weather as its rating dropped in the last three weeks. However, many left favorable reviews on Song Kang and Park Min Young’s great chemistry. TV CHOSUN’s Love (Ft. Marriage and Divorce) landed at No. 6 with its growing popularity, but it was met with mixed reviews on its rather loose and unstable story.

TOP 10 Popular TV Drama Series

  1. tvN Twenty-Five Twenty-One (Share of Audience 32.43) ( �” )
  2. SBS Business Proposal (Share of Audience 13.53) (▲1)
  3. KBS Young Lady and Gentleman (Share of Audience 9.03) (▽1)
  4. SBS Through the Darkness (Share of Audience 8.68) (▲2)
  5. JTBC Forecasting Love and Weather (Share of Audience 7.72) (▽1)
  6. TV Chosun Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 3 (Share of Audience 4.61) (▲2)
  7. tvN Military Prosecutor Doberman (Share of Audience 4.4) ( – )
  8. tvN Kill Heel (Share of Audience 3.44) NEW
  9. KBS The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won (Share of Audience 3.29) ( – )
  10. KBS Crazy Love (Share of Audience 3.13) NEW

TOP 10 Popular Casts in TV Drama Series

  1. Nam Joo Hyuk, Twenty-Five Twenty-One (▲1)
  2. Kim Tae Ri, Twenty-Five Twenty-One (▽1)
  3. Kim Se Jeong, Business Proposal (▲1)
  4. Ahn Hyo Seop, Business Proposal (▲3)
  5. Bona, Twenty-Five Twenty-One (▽2)
  6. Kim Nam Gil, Through the Darkness (▲2)
  7. Ji Hyun Woo, Young Lady and Gentleman (▽1)
  8. Kim Ha Neul, Kill Heel NEW
  9. Lee Se Hee, Young Lady and Gentleman (▲7)
  10. Song Kang, Forecasting Love and Weather (▽2)


Non-Drama Ranking for the 2nd Week of February

MBC’s I Live Alone rose to the top despite its drop in popularity. Jeon Hyun Moo and Honey J became the fourth and sixth most buzz-worthy celebrity of the week. SBS’Running Man ranked third. BTOB were to make their guest appearances on the show, but they decided to wait for another time as all the members have tested positive for COVID-19. Many fans were disappointed by the fact that they have to miss out on their favorite idol from the show. tvN’s Unexpected Business 2 came in at No. 6. Many were moved by Kim Woo Bin’s story and the heartfelt wishes that the cast members sent him. Jo In Sung and Lim Ju Hwan received great reviews for their role in the supermarket. However, the show was embroiled in a minor controversy as it aired a scene where the cast members sold cigarettes with a free lighter. Some pointed out that it violated the Tobacco Business Act.

TOP 10 Popular TV Non-Drama Series

  1. MBC I Live Alone (Share of Audience 3.86) (▲3)
  2. SBS Unanswered Questions (Share of Audience 3.58) (▲17)
  3. SBS Running Man (Share of Audience 3.34) (▲3)
  4. NQQ/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share of Audience 3.13) (▲8)
  5. Channel A/SKY The Iron Squad 2 (Share of Audience 2.85) (▽2)
  6. tvN Unexpected Business 2 (Share of Audience 2.66) (▲3)
  7. MBC Hangout with Yoo (Share of Audience 2.62) (▲6)
  8. JTBC Knowing Bros (Share of Audience 2.52) (▲2)
  9. SBS All The Butlers (Share of Audience 2.45) (▲11)
  10. SBS The Ugly Duckling (Share of Audience 2.45) (▲6)

TOP 10 Popular Casts in TV Non-Drama Series

  1. Park Goon, The Ugly Duckling NEW
  2. Han Young, The Ugly Duckling NEW
  3. TREASURE, Weekly Idol NEW
  4. Jun Hyun Moo, I Live Alone (▲308)
  5. Kim Woo Bin, Unexpected Business 2 (▲8)
  6. Honey J, I Live Alone NEW
  7. Cha Junhwan, Running Man NEW
  8. Lee Kyung Kyu, Family Register Mate (▲515)
  9. Yoo Jae Suk, Hangout with Yoo (▲1)
  10. Lee Kwang Soo, Unexpected Business 2 (▲8)


This survey was released on March 14th by the TV popularity analyst Good Data Corporation after analyzing the internet’s responses generated from news articles, blogs/communities, videos, and SNS. It is in regards to 18 drama series and 172 variety shows that are either on-air or scheduled to be aired from March 7th through to March 13th of 2021.

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