Netflix’s Romantic Leads Song Kang and Takanori Iwata Share Their Acting Tips

Song Kang Takanori Iwata
Credit: Netflix
Song Kang Takanori Iwata
Credit: Netflix

Netflix released a special interview with Song Kang and Takanori Iwata, who are currently starring in Forecasting Love and Weather and Fishbowl Wives respectively.

Iwata asked Song Kang about what he cares about the most while acting in a romance title. Song Kang replied, “I focus on creating synergies by matching tempo with my co-actors. I talk a lot with them and try my best to share how I feel while performing in emotional scenes.”

Song Kang asked Iwata, “Tell me your secret to acting that can make someone’s heart flutter.” Iwata said, “Well, I study how I appear. For example, I objectively examine how I can appear sad or find the angles that I look most attractive. A single blink can change how I appear, so I pay close attention to my expressions and gestures.”

The two actors also shared on how they immerse themselves in emotional scenes. Song Kang said, “When I act with emotion, I focus on those feelings while thinking about the situation and listening to music. How do you drive up that emotion?” Iwata explained, “I have also tried that method of listening to music. When I started acting, I wasn’t good at crying in scenes… I tried to cry by reminding myself right up until the shoot that my character was sad. Now I am able to draw out my emotion and respond to the performance of my co-actors.”

At the end of the interview, Song Kang noted that it was a fun experience because they could understand each other as actors, even though they grew up in different environments and countries.

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