Rain and Kim Bum Have a Peculiar First Encounter in ‘Ghost Doctor’

Rain drama Ghost Doctor
Rain drama Ghost Doctor
Credit: tvN

tvN’s Ghost Doctor got off to a flying start, scoring an average nationwide viewership rating of 4.4 percent.

The first episode started off reflecting on Cha Young Min’s (Rain) legendary intern days, narrated by Mrs. Kim (Hwang Seok Jung). It shared a glimpse of how he used to be the kind of doctor who would do anything to save his patient despite the shortage of surgeons.

The peculiar first encounter of Cha Young Min and Go Seung Tak (Kim Bum) heightened anticipation for their upcoming comedy featuring bromance. On the first day at work as a resident doctor, Seung Tak gets off on the wrong foot with Young Min, saying things that would get on his nerves. Outraged, Young Min tries to bring Seung Tak down a peg.

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Later in the episode, Young Min gets into a car accident. He then wakes up to see his unconscious body covered in blood and realizes that his soul has been separated from his body. In the meantime, his body falls under the care of Seung Tak, who was on duty in the emergency room by himself. As there were no other surgeons available at the moment, Seung Tak decides to perform the procedure by himself. Just when Seung Tak places the surgical knife on the wrong spot, Young Min’s soul possesses Seung Tak’s body and grabs the scalpel.

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