‘Dali and the Cocky Prince’ Star Park Gyu Young Opens Up About Her Role and Working with Kim Min Jae

Dali and the Cocky Prince
Credit: Saram Entertainment

In Dali and the Cocky Prince that received great love for its healing romance, Park Gyu Young drew favorable reviews as Kim Dal Li. She showcased such a different side from what she had shown before in her previous roles that we wondered since when she had such a lovely charm. Starnews met with the actress to hold an interview about Dali and the Cocky Prince.

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Q1. How do you feel about taking your first lead role in a terrestrial TV series?

I was grateful. But I also felt pressured. But I felt like if I get overwhelmed by that pressure and fail to portray the character well, then that’s not an appropriate attitude for the viewers. So I tried to follow along with Dal Li’s story. I was happy throughout the filming. I laughed and cried a lot. The staff and the director constantly rooted for me.

Q2. Why did you choose ‘Dali and the Cocky Prince’?

Dal Li is like a child who grew up like a princess who doesn’t know how society works. But at the same time, she is certain about her own taste and beliefs. She’s so charming in that she overcomes the difficulties and grows up as a person after being thrown into the cold reality by herself. 

Dali and the Cocky Prince
Credit: Saram Entertainment

Q3. Mu Hak and Dal Li overcome different backgrounds and personalities and fall in love. How are you in your love life?

Realistically speaking, I think it would be more comfortable to be with someone with similar values and personalities. If you love someone (who’s so different), it’ll be an adventure, though.

Q4. This is your second time working with Kim Min Jae. How was it?

Kim Min Jae is an actor who has the validity and reliability of a tree. He gave so much energy to Dal Li and Park Gyu Young as Mu Hak. So we got to finish the filming on a great note. I hope there’ll be one more chance to work with Kim Min Jae.

Q5. Now you’ve earned the title “popular actress.”

I don’t think of myself as a “popular actress.” I’m ready to accept any story, any character with a grateful mind. I’m ready to pour my everything. And doing them well is also my job. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to play these characters. 

Q6. Is there a character or genre you’d like to challenge?

Playing Kim Dal Li, I received a lot of love in the drama. There was Mu Hak’s love, but there were many people like the museum staff who loved Dal Li. That’s why I thought, “A character that received a lot of love is great. As long as it’s a character that can be loved, then I can act the act of giving and receiving love in the story of people’s lives.” It could have a specific genre or situation, but  I want to act in a story that happens around me.  I want to be a part of the most realistic and sympathetic story.

Q7. Any special plans for 2022?

I have no specific plans yet. But looking at the broad plan, I’ll go into my thirties for the first time. I want to become a healthier, brighter, and more awesome person. Someone who radiates positive energy to those around me. My plan is to become the kind of person who can love more, support, and root for other people. 


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