Kim Yo Han Explains His Father Was Once Against His Acting Career, How He Joined ‘School 2021’ and More

Kim Yo Han School 2021
Credit: AtStyle
Kim Yo Han School 2021
Credit: AtStyle

Kim Yo Han has joined KBS2’s upcoming drama School 2021, a series known for producing stars. He remarked, “I’m honored to play the main character in such renowned series. I’ll do my best not to let anyone down.”

So far, Kim Yo Han has built an amazing career as an actor, singer, and entertainer. Regarding his nickname “all-rounder,” he said, “I like when people call me an all-rounder. It makes me work hard to be the person who deserves the name.”

Before his debut in the industry, Kim was a promising Taekwondo player who won two national sports tournaments.

He is known to have practiced Taekwondo for more than 20 years. When asked if his parents were against the idea of pursuing a career in show business, he replied, “My father was very much against the idea. But nowadays, he is so proud of me. He even brings around my merchandise.”

As an official member of WEi, he shared his ultimate goals. He said, “I hope WEi to be a global group.” And he added, “I think what’s important for the group is that we should gain more popularity first before aiming for a high spot in the music charts.”


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