[Weekly Up & Down] Ji Soo Getting Kicked Out of the Industry & Aftermath of Dating Rumors

KeyEast Terminates Its Contract with Ji Soo

Credit: iMBC

On the 27th, Keyeast terminated its exclusive contract with Jisoo, who had ceased activities due to his school violence scandal. KeyEast explained, “We came to a conclusion that it is currently difficult for Ji Soo to carry out his career. And we finally decided to terminate the contract under the mutual agreement to respect the actor’s intention not to cause further harm to the agency.” However, the agency added that although their contract with Ji Soo has ended, they will do their best so the ongoing lawsuit related to the River of the Rising Moon can be resolved amicably. On the other hand, Ji Soo announced that he plans to take legal actions against the false accusations of sexual violence.


Lee Seung Gi and Han Ye Seul Go Public with Their Relationships, But It Backfires

Credit:Hook_Entertainment, iMBC

Stars’ “public dating” is now under a heated debate. On the 24th and 26th, Lee Da In and Lee Seung Gi‘s agencies admitted the dating rumors, but the news didn’t really please the fans. The stock price manipulation and suspicions of fraud related to Lee Da In’s stepfather, who is also actress Kyeon Miri’s husband, became the problem. As Lee Seung Gi was always cheered for his “good boy” image, this relationship has given a fatal blow to his image. Some of his fans held a truck protest in front of the actor’s home.

Han Ye Seul is also having a headache over her relationship. After she voluntarily revealed her new boyfriend, a reckless attack against his past was followed. The actress took her Instagram to clap back at the haters. “I don’t know whether they would compensate me if my career and image that I’ve built up for 20 years are damaged through these types of broadcasts,” she wrote. “I heard a lot of rumors and gossip while working in this industry, but I rolled with it, thinking that it’s a part of my job. But this feels like an attack with the intent to kill.”


Jang Ki Yong and Son Yeonjae’s Dating Rumor Hits the Wire

Credit: KBS, tvN

Jang Ki Yong and Son Yeonjae posted a picture of the sea on social media in April and that sparked a dating rumor in the online communities. People raised suspicions that the two went on a trip together based on the fact that they posted photos of a similar landscape on the same day. The fact that Jang Ki Yong chose Son Yeonjae as his “dream girl” during an interview also caught the attention. However, on the 28th, the actor’s agency YG Entertainment denied the rumor, saying that the two have never met each other.


IZ*ONE’s Sakura Embroiled in Controversy Over Degrading Koreans

Credit: Miyawaki Sakura Twitter

Miyawaki Sakura, a member of IZ*ONE and group HKT48, got embroiled in a controversy over degrading Koreans. HKT48 held an online concert on the 29th. And the “sasaeng fan” performance on this day became a hot potato. HKT48’s Anna Murashige got on the stage with the picket with the words “I only have you Sakura. I love you.” She was even dressed in a shirt with Sakura’s face printed on it and acted as if she was Sakura’s sasaeng fan. And this sparked controversy over degrading Koreans. However, some are counterargued that the claim of “degrading Koreans” is over the line, starting a heated debate.


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  • Because they do that , fans should not get too much into the relationship of the artists I think depending on having the how good actors that does not take away from their popularity , personal and acting life are very different the actor if he does not have a personal life would not have a guilty verdict because they do not kill anyone with having a romantic relationship , the public can say what they want at the end of the day without the artist there would be no series as good as they do, have boyfriend lovers or husbands or children that does not give them the right to destroy anyone one is human and can do what one pleases we as spectators have to keep the marge , in my opinion everyone can do what one wants in life, if you want to have someone important in our life we will have it because that special person gives us a push to realize ourselves as professional people that will not destroy them. Have actors , why if we as spectators give them bad comments We don’t know what you go up we take and we may go into depression and commit suicide because of our negative comments towards them we have to stay out of it. And who is his own, how would it be if we get into the life of producers and directors that will destroy them or give them popularity, remember that the actor have popularity, fame having a good actor the acting industry only has to keep his artist for his professionalism not his personal life that fixes it and keeps the actor , I’m upset that simply if you have girlfriend or boyfriend does not give them the right to destroy your relationship with the actor he demonstrates his professionalism working acting , we have to stay with. I like their work to me that they fall in love and that they have the relationship they want.

  • ( Jisoo) bothers me that the agency do this to the actor and do not show affection remember that in this mute there are many people who like to harm to take attention or has re scandals, when it comes to a good actor there is no lack of who wants to damage him without knowing if it is actually behind , of get with good actors who give everything to get ahead are professionals to us as people we have to keep matqge anta that this is clarified one thing is to say and another thing is to have the evidence that proves him guilty , let’s not play just because someone said it remember the echoes and the truth are clear when the accusations prove it , speculate and go is very different , first prove that it is actually true and then play then act according to the law , but if they judge without proof to the person they damage him psychologically so after we know that he committed suicide for lack of self-esteem and for lack of self-confidence, in Korea is the number 1 in suicides and like this Type of comments there are more who commit suicide for this type of comments, let’s stay out of it and hope that the truth appears first before looking to play, not only do we drag with the actor but with the whole family, as we know by what happens with the family, then they say (there is suicide by deprecia or because I can not stand) our comments kill people and we do not condemn . , enough of assaulting everyone who cares about the problems. we support in the good and in the bad, only God is the one who will seek each of us for our actions

  • Зачем в одной новости смешивать разные темы? Это нелепо.

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