Lee Je Hoon Shares His Views on His New Drama ‘Move To Heaven’

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Lee Je Hoon has emerged as an icon of giving comforts. He became a taxi driver Kim Do Gi, who takes revenge on behalf of the weak in Taxi Driver. And he plays a trauma cleaner Sang Gu in Move to Heaven who helps the last move of the deceased and delivers the untold stories. The characters are different in nature, but they both present the stories of the socially weak.

In a video interview on May 24th, the first thing Lee Je Hoon said was, “Thank you for enjoying the two shows.”

He said he was very much moved and touched by reading the script of Move to Heaven. When I read a good story, my heart beats fast. I get so eager to create such work and to join the project. It wasn’t just one or two-time experiences. I get to continue to live like that. Dreaming of these things brings me energy and great comfort.

Move to Heaven is getting enormous acclaim since it was released on May 14th. Regarding the great reviews, he said, “I think they said many great things about the show because the story is relatable. He continued, “It makes me wonder if I said any kind words to the people around me, if I expressed my love for them enough and if I did it in the right way. Maybe the audience left great reviews because they felt the same.”

Credit: Netflix

He said that the second episode of the series was the most impressive part of the series, and he would like to recommend watching it. It is about an old adult who died alone.

He said that’s the story that resonated with him the most. “I cried a lot, watching the second episode. I remembered writing letters to my parents when I was young. I remembered who I was back then, who’s very different from who I am now. Such side of the show made me think about those things, and I think that’s what made me feel like crying,” he said.

Sang Gu is someone who lives with the trauma caused by his family and the world. However, working as a trauma cleaner changes him gradually. “Sang Gu was traumatized because he had to send away the person he loved. I played him, thinking about his guilt.”

Sang Gu did some boxing and made money by fighting in underground matches. He said, “From 4 months before the shooting and almost to the end of it, I worked out six days a week. Since looks help audience to understand the role, Sang gu, working out in the gym was the thing I was the most dedicated to.”

Lee Je Hoon shared, “By joining Move to Heaven, I started to look around the people and the society we live in. And it made me star in Taxi Driver too. So I feel lucky and grateful that these projects came to me.”

Lee Je Hoon recently started making a short film. He was supposed to produce it, but he ended up being in charge of the directing. “I want to make a story about what people in their 20s and 30s think and want. I think the earliest it can be available will be in December,” he said.


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  • An excellent series. As for the Editorial, I would not define those characters of the deceased as being Socially Weak but more sensitive, fragile and/or gentle in nature. There have been some brilliantly written series coming out of Korea recently. Looking forward to a Series 2 of Move to Heaven.

  • Lee Je Hoon is one of my favorite K drama actor, I almost watched all his dramas and movies. He’s one of the best k drama actors I ever watched from Signal to move to heaven and taxi. I’ve been searching all his old dramas and movies trying not to escape one.

    I admire his depht personality that resonates with his characters in the dramas and movies he portrayed.

    He’s acting is superb. Wanting for more dramas and movies for Lee Je Hoon, “Saranghaeyo and God bless🙏🙏🙏

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