Character Trailer Revealed for Four Different Roles in ‘The Miracle’

The most anticipated Korean film, The Miracle, revealed four character trailer of Park Jung Min, Lee Sung Min, Lim YoonA, and Lee Soo Kyung.

The Miracle is about the story of Jun Gyung (Park Jeong Min) and the local people, whose goal is to build a way station in their small town with a railroad but no train stop.

The released character trailer follows a high school math prodigy Jun Gyung(Park Jung Min), as he builds a way station in a rural village. Furthermore, it draws attention by capturing the various charms of Tae Yoon (Lee Sung Min), the father who is the very by the book, and Ra-hee (Lim YoonA), a self-proclaimed “muse” who goes right for the action. Not to mention that it further introduces Bo Gyung (Lee Soo Kyung), a trustworthy supporter of Jun Gyung.

Jun Gyung writes the 54th letter to the Blue House and makes a working traffic light. Although he is extremely gifted, Jun Gyung’s sloppiness in his everyday life creates laughter. And his father, Tae Yoon, is a breadwinner who has lived all his life faithfully. Tae Yoon resonates with the audience by being a stern father who is just not good at expressing his affection to his family. Moreover, Rahee, who finds the extraordinary potential of Jun Gyung, attracts viewers with her unusual charm different from Jun Gyung. Lastly, Bo Gyung often quarrels with her younger brother Jun Gyung. But she always supports and believes in his dream.

The movie The Miracle will captivate the audience with the unexpected charm of characters and deliver delightful touches of laughter and meaningful messages.

The Miracle, by Be With You director Lee Jang Hoon, with Park Jung Min and Lim YoonA will capture the eyes with its unique story in June.


Source: Lotte Entertainment

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