Auction for Jimin’s Hanbok Was Canceled Due to Haters’ Continued Terror

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

The reason behind the BTS Jimin’s hanbok auction cancellation is “malicious individual fans,” aka akgaes.

(Akgaes only like one member of the group and strongly dislike the others to the extent of bashing them for the sake of praising their bias.)

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

He wore the hanbok when performing “IDOL” in front of Gyeongbokgung for NBC’s The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon. And Hanbok designer Kim Rieul had made the piece. Before the auction, the minimum starting bid was 5 million KRW (about $4,465).

As the chance to show off traditional Korean beauty alongside BTS’s Jimin went up in smoke, Jimin’s angry fans demanded an explanation. They further released an official statement.

Since Jimin topped the “Boy Group Member Brand Reputation Rankings” for 28 months, he became the target of akgaes’ rage. According to Jimin’s fans, these akgaes have terrorized MYART Auction and Kim Rieul’s Instagram pretending to be ARMYs.

Recently, the importance of cultural heritage has become more prominent due to constant historical distortions. In the meantime, haters attacked and canceled a hanbok auction came all the more shocking. When fans continued to ask to resume the auction, Kim Rieul took her Instagram to apologize. “The past two weeks were tough. I will visit you with another work.”

Credit: Kim Rieul Instagram

According to ARMYs, akgaes nitpicked the fact that “auctioning unwashed clothes” are only for world-class stars. These haters left comments such as, “This is sexual harassment,” “I’m gonna puke,” and “You guys are blinded by money” to the designer.

But in fact, various “unwashed” items went through MYART Auction to preserve the original form of the clothes: Silvestre Stellon’s Rocky outfits, Kurt Cobain’s old cardigan, Elvis Presley, Alex Ferguson, Mick Jagger, and Scarlett Johansson’s clothes.

This isn’t the first time that these haters have caused significant damages to celebrities’ reputations. Some people started to point out that agencies’ lukewarm attitudes caused their continued abuse. Even after all this, ARMYs are still hoping to see Jimin’s hanbok on MYART Auction.

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