‘Recalled’ Records Highest in Box Office; Pleases Fans with Behind-the-Scenes Still Photos

Credit: CJ ENM

First screened yesterday, mystery thriller Recalled debuted with the biggest box office hits. And today, the behind-the-scenes still photos that capture the joyous atmosphere were unveiled.

Recalled is the latest mystery thriller movie that revolves around Su Jin (Seo Ye Ji), a woman who loses her memory and starts seeing images from the future. However, as she puts together her confusing memories, she faces the shocking truth about her husband, Ji Hoon (Kim Kang Woo).

Credit: CJ ENM

Director Seo Yoo Min once said, “There was this humor that made us forget about all the difficulties in the middle of the tough and challenging filming.” As if to prove her words, the released photos highlight the harmonious vibe at the scene.

Meanwhile, Seo Ye Ji continues to come up with new ideas and constantly monitors her performance. On the other hand, Kim Kang Woo surprised everyone by completely disappearing into the role of a man who hides a great secret.

Credit: Korea Film Council

Recalled, released yesterday (April 21st), surpassed all the other movies, and topped the Korean box office. According to the Korea Film Council, it attracted 18,187 moviegoers on the first day. With this, Recalled certainly marked a pleasant start as this year’s first Korean mystery thriller.


Source: CJ ENM

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