Soojin Will Be Removed from (G) I-DLE’s New Song ‘Last Dance(Prod. GroovyRoom)’

Credit: Cube Entertainment

(G)I-DLE will release a new song under a 5-member system, excluding Soojin.

According to Herald Pop, Universe Music plans to unveil (G) I-DLE’s new song “Last Dance (Prod. Groovy Room)” without Soojin.

Universe Music announced, “(G)I-DLE finished recording and shooting the music video and various additional content for their new song ‘Last Dance’ in February. We planned on unveiling them at the end of April. But as issues related to Soojin broke out in March, (G)I-DLE is currently working as a 5-member group.”

“In this regard, Universe and Cube Entertainment talked about the finished tracks and music videos. Considering the contractual relationships between distributors and partners, and the tangible/intangible loss, we agree that it would be difficult to create new content all over again. So we decided to adjust the existing structure as follows,” they added.

Credit: Dispatch

According to Universe Music, they re-recorded “Last Dance” with only five (G)I-DLE members by distributing the parts of lyrics. Additional content, including pictorials and behind-the-scenes videos, will also be re-conducted as a 5-member system. However, they couldn’t retake the music video due to financial reasons. As a result, Soojin will be cut out as much as possible before the release of the music video.

Earlier last month, Soojin personally gave explanations about her school violence controversies. In her statement, she asserted that the rumors about her bullying actress Seo Shin Ae are false. However, Seo Shin Ae issued her statement, in which she admitted that Soojin and her gang mentally abused her. For three weeks since then, Soojin and her agency remained silent.


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