Who Will Be the Next Yoon Eun Hye & Ju Ji Hoon? Manhwa ‘Goong’ to be Remade After 15 Years

Credit: Jaedam Media

The Korean manhwa (comics) Goong, which was adapted into a drama title Princess Hours in 2006 and gained huge popularity worldwide, will be produced as a drama once again. Jaedam Media, the company in charge of the management of Goong, confirmed that they recently signed a remake contract with drama production company Group Eight.

Set in an alternative 21-century Korea where monarchy and imperial family have retained, Goong revolves around the romance between the crown prince and his new bride. It was published for ten years since the year 2003 and became a million-seller not only in Korea but also in Japan. With the undying popularity. It was exported to more than 10 countries have been exported, including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and France, becoming the front-runner of the K-comics craze.

The manhwa was adapted into dramas, novels, and musicals and was made into a variety of fan goods, successfully becoming a great example of media mix. In particular, the music version of Goong was also performed in Japan, and recently, Jaedam Media signed drama contracts with China, Thailand, Mexico, and more.

Credit: MBC

Princess Hours was ranked the tenth most popular drama of 2006, with a peak rating of 28.3%, and the following year, a spin-off series Prince Hours was produced. Yoon Eun Hye and Ju Ji Hoon, the two heroes of Princess Hours, became the king and the queen of Hallyu wave with this one drama and have since continued their unabated popularity.

Above all, the fact that Group Eight has stepped into the picture is already raising much anticipation. As is widely known, Group Eight has never failed to create big fandom with almost every drama they have made, which includes I’m Sorry, I Love You, Boys Over Flowers, and My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. Prior to the drama remake contract, Group Eight also signed the musical copyright of Goong, so it seems like Goong is ready to be reborn as a major IP throughout the content industry.

Meanwhile, manhwa Goong, originally published as a print cartoon, has recently been re-released on Kakao Page after editing it an all-color webtoon style.


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