Actor Ji Soo Received His Draft Card and Might Enlist in October

Credit: Keyeast

Actor Ji Soo might be starting his military service in October.

According to a report by YTN Star, Ji Soo plans to fulfill his military duty starting in mid-October. After four weeks of basic military training, Ji Soo will serve as a social service worker.

Ji Soo will be joining an alternative service, a form of national service performed in lieu of military conscription for various reasons, including health issues, conscientious objection, or political reasons. The actor underwent surgery for acute osteomyelitis in 2016.

The report, however, stressed that Ji Soo’s draft card came in December last year, before the current controversy over school violence sparked. Born in 1993, Ji Soo is 29 years old in Korean age.

After the report came out, Keyeast told a media outlet, “We cannot state our position regarding Ji Soo’s enlistment.” Netizens are speculating that the company chose not to talk about the enlistment as it could be read as a sign of the actor avoiding the consequences of his wrongdoings.


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  • I think what Jisoo’s classmates had done to his career is as almost the same as what had Jisoo did to them. They waited years for their revenge at what cost? Are they vindicated or happy now? The bullying should have been resolved years ago before they graduate in middle school. They should called the attention of their teachers or homeroom adviser. I empathized with all of them including Jisoo. I hope you can have peace of mind and heart.

    • If you sre going to look at it, a bully will never be bully if he was not a victim as well. This bullying issue should be addressed long time ago within the school perimeter. It so sad that victim have waited long time to express their concern. However, if you go through the stories there is a sense of exageration. There are lots of things to clarify in this situation. Ji soo is not in the position to clarify himself as society and his situation dictates.

      • Love you, from my point also nobody can become a bully without first been a victims

  • I wondered a lot if to comment or not, but this event… Ok. Back then children were bullied. Ji Soo himself was a child, he did wrong. Obviously there were factors which distorted his personality. May be he had a disorder or something made him to take the wrong path. Did somebody checked on him? Why was he such a bad guy? He made a mistake, a serious one, but why nobody took him by the collar to give him a lesson? He went publicly admitted it, was sorry and apologized. Of course it is not enough to heal the wounds of the bullied children but yet, he tried. It’s curious that shocking news stroke him now, as a lead in ongoing successful drama. It doesn’t seem a pain reached paroxysm, but a deliberate vengeance. He’s guilty, I know, but I understand he didn’t broke the law to be imprisoned. He is just 27, his artistic career is over isn’t it too much? Isn’t he the bullied one now? 27 was a cursed age for many bullied public figures and they chose suicide. Wouldn’t be a sin? He recognized his fault, he understood he was wrong and apologized, his life is already destroyed, how much has he to pay anymore? Doe’s his punishment, his public death solve the bulling problem? I don’t know, but I do know that you must be strong to be able to forgive. Because… Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at him.

  • Why they still open this case ? If they want to seek justice for being bullied why they spent many years hiding the truth? Why now that he had his career? I know I’m not in the position to say this but he already apologize publicly just keep your mind be at peace, forgive and forget. Keep moving on don’t stay in the past that make yourself be in pain again. Hoping that someday this issue must be done and everyone can be live their life at ease.

  • My son was bullied by the teacher at school, I recognized he behaved differently, I solved it right away, not expected for many years, it was difficult, what is happening Ji Soo is revenge witch hunt.

  • I hope he can find peace of mind
    And to those victims hope you are happy just know that you are not different from what jisoo did
    Since this is what you can do to forgive other you too should be ready for God forgiveness when you ask for it

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