Pledis Confirms Mingyu Never Bullied Disabled Classmate, but He Will Halt His Activities Till Other Accusations Are Checked

Credit: OSEN

Pledis Entertainment refuted claims that Seventeen’s Mingyu bullied a disabled classmate during his school days. But since various accusations against the idol are raised at the moment, Mingyu will halt his activities until the agency gets to the bottom of the issue.

On Feb 28, Pledis Entertainment released their official position regarding Mingyu’s ongoing school violence controversy. “We have been in contact with the person involved in the incident in various ways to confirm the facts, and we are still in the process.”

However, the agency opened its mouth to the controversy over Mingyu bullying disabled classmates, which has emerged as a hot topic among netizens. “There was a story that the artist bullied a disabled student, but this is not true at all,” they stated. “The artist clearly remembered the person who was identified as the victim, and we were able to contact the mother of the person after asking around. And we have confirmed that the person identified as the victim actually had a good relationship with our artist. The mother clearly remembered the names of the students who actually bullied her child at school, so we were able to check this matter right away.”

“That person is currently doing well in his job and is burdened by the fact that things in the past were revealed to the public without his consent. Nevertheless, he confirmed the facts for the artist,” Pledis wrote.

Pledis is still looking into other issues, including sexual harassment. “We think it’s necessary to approach and judge what really happened through fact-checking as much as possible because these issues happened in the past when the artist was in elementary and middle school,” they stated. “The artist himself expressed his sincere apology for causing inconvenience to fans, and he has decided to halt his activities for the time being and left all measures to the company to check the facts.”


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