School Violence Accusations Against Seventeen’s Mingyu Continue; Some Fans Issue a Statement Demanding Mingyu’s Exit

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Despite some netizens, who claim to be Mingyu’s classmates, stepped up to defend the idol, Seventeen Mingyu’s school violence scandal has grown into allegations of sexual harassment. With the continued outcry for clarification, the agency postponed Sevetenee’s online event in Japan without any official announcement.

Pledis Entertainment announced on February 26 on its official Japanese social media that they decided to postpone the online signing event to commemorate the release of Seventeen’s special Japanese album. “We will postpone the online Meet & Greet event and signing event, which were scheduled to take place on the 27th and 28th due to members’ schedules. We will notify the revised schedules once it’s confirmed. We are sorry for the inconvenience to all of you who are expecting an online event, and we ask for your understanding,” they wrote.

Such a decision seems to have come in the aftermath of Mingyu’s alleged school violence. Earlier in the day, Mingyu’s school bullying controversy became an even more serious issue when posts claiming that Mingyu bullied disabled and women when he was a student started a heated debate online.

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Pledis Entertainment is yet to release any official statement regarding the latest accusations.

In the midst of the ongoing scandal, some fans rolled up their sleeves to issue a statement demanding Mingyu’s exit from the group. They urged, “We call for the exit of Mingyu, who has used school violence against the weak, such as women and the disabled, as soon as possible.”

They then demanded a direct apology from Mingyu and an official statement from Pledis, saying, “Considering that Seventeen’s main fan base is women in their teens and 20s, we cannot accept the fact that he targeted women and the disabled for his violent attitude.”


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