Stary Kids’ Hyunjin Caught Up in School Violence Rumors; JYP Issues Official Statement

Credit: JYP Entertainment

The constant school violence rumors have tainted Korea’s entertainment industry. And Stary Kids’ Hyunjin has been added to the list.

Hyunjin has been fingered as the perpetrator of the school violence by a netizen (A) who claimed to be his classmate. Today, JYP Entertainment took a cautious step regarding the issue.

In his posting, A stated that he suffered school violence and verbal abuse, including abusive language, sexual harassment, and ridicule of his family issues like “You’re like that because you don’t have a mom,” from Hyunjin.

“I thought I forgot all about it because I believed what I had to endure was far less than other victims, but as the face of the bully who hurt me started to reappear here and there, I started clearly remembering what they (the bullies) said and did to mock me that I feel disgusted. I don’t think violence should be justified for any reason. I hope the violence that was committed just because I was young will not be justified, and I hope for a direct apology,” A wrote.

In response, JYPE issued their official position. They stated, “First, our company is doing our best to confirm the truth regarding this issue. We are listening to the opinions of people from the school that the member attended as well as the opinions of other acquaintances regarding the issues that were raised, and we are also considering listening directly to the opinion of the writer, if they allow it.”

However, they still heralded legal actions, saying, “However, we have confirmed that there are many untrue parts of the post that is currently spreading indiscriminately, and we have identified people who are purposely creating malicious rumors and disseminating them. We will conduct a detailed investigation through various routes and find the undistorted, exact truth. We plan to take legal action regarding the spread of false information.”


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