Kim Dong Hee Embroiled in School Violence Rumors Once Again; Agency Refutes and Heralds Legal Actions

Credit: Netflix

Extracurricular actor Kim Dong Hee denied allegations regarding his school violence through his agency.

On Feb 22, npioe Entertainment released their official position about Kim Dong Hee’s school violence and stated, “The posting related to Kim Dong Hee, which is currently circulating online, was first posted in 2018, and after the company confirmed with the school and the actor himself, we have confirmed that none of it was true.”

They continued, “The writer, who said he was not the victim but a third party, deleted the post he posted at the time and (the agency) took no further actions. Nevertheless, three years later, the same person posted the same false information again.”

Earlier on Feb 21, a post that accused Kim of being a school perpetrator was uploaded on an online community. The writer, who claimed himself to be Kim Dong Hee’s elementary school classmate, wrote, “I hate to see a person who use to beat up and bully other people working as a celebrity and receiving love from people. All the kids from your past neighborhood know the truth, so apologize now.”

Along with statements made by other classmates, the writer posted Kim Dong Hee’s graduation photo and left a memo that reads, “Seriously, if you were a school bully, then you shouldn’t be a celebrity.”

Another netizen who attended the same middle school as Kim claimed, “He (Kim Dong Hee) used to carry e-cigarettes around his neck or in his pocket and even smoked them inside the classroom. … He also slapped classmates who had disabilities by using games as his excuse and made his easy marks do massage for him.”

At the end of their statement, npioe Entertainment stated, “Therefore, the agency will take legal action on the matter. Also, we will do our best so that the artist won’t be unfairly damaged by untrue facts.”


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