Will MC Mong Once Again Dominate the Charts for March with His Comeback?

Singer MC Mong is to make his comeback with the ninth full-length album Flower 9 in early March, after about a year and four months. The attention is more so focused as his last album released at the end of October in 2019 also topped most music charts, despite it being the album he first released in three years.


MC Mong will work with seven artists in his ninth full-length album. While the lineup for the featuring has not been revealed yet, it is worth keeping an eye out for them as his last album was participated by artists such as Song Ga In and Park Bom.

According to the revealed tracklist, this album will consist of 10 total songs including the double title tracks “I Was Blind” and “Good Breakups Don’t Exist” (both literal titles). Amongst those songs are also “STAR”, and a remix version of “Turtle.”

MC Mong created the best harmony with Song Ga In in his previous, eighth full-length album. The artist created trendy music that had never been done before as he combined Song Ga In’s Pansori singing. (T/N: Pansori is a Korean genre of musical storytelling.) The song went straight to the top of the charts and stayed there for a good while.

What will he bring to the table through the ninth full-length album? First of all, MC Mong is said to have tried to change things up with various genres with the unique sentiments of his.

A related individual from MC Mong’s agency recently informed News1 that the album includes a genre that the artist had never tried before. “There exists the hip-hop feels that are considered trendy these days, but it will be refreshing as it is not the type of song MC Mong always went for,” they said.

MC Mong’s new album Flower 9 is to be released on March 2nd at 6 p.m. KST through various music platforms.


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