Forbes Shines Spotlight on Jung Sewoon as a ‘Multi-Dimensional Artist’

Credit: Starship Entertainment

The U.S.’ Forbes magazine has shone the spotlight on Jung Sewoon’s career.

Credit: Starship Entertainment

On the 15th (local time), Forbes revealed an interview with the artist with an article titled ‘Jeong Sewoon Discusses Representing K-Pop’s ‘Singer-Songwridol’ Industry.’

It wrote that Jung Se Woon “is very much thriving in the traditional pop “idol” realm but has branched himself into singer-songwriter territory by offering something that stands out on the K-pop stage.” It also introduced the lead singles of his two albums, “Say Yes” and “In the Dark” by saying that “Both parts came together to showcase the star more involved in the songs’ songwriting and composition than ever, solidifying him on the path to not only deliver captivating singles but EPs that showcase a multi-faceted artist who can easily dip into different genres and bring stage performances that stand out among his peers.”

Regarding his title as a ‘singer-songwriter idol,’ Jung Se Woon said that it’s a nickname that his fans gave him. “It’s a very special one! ‘Singer-songwrter idol’ also sounds very unique! I’m really happy with being called by that nickname,” he said. He added that he became known as or called such a title because he was “able to show both aspects of singer-songwriter and an idol on the program K-pop Star and Produce 101.” The singer believes that he is demonstrating various aspects of himself that are suitable for all different kinds of times and circumstances.

When asked about his habits while making music, he said that he tries not to make any. “There are times when melody just comes first in my head, and there are other times when I start with writing the lyrics. It varies from time to time but generally, I decide the theme or the story that I want to share, write the melody first, and organize the lyrics afterward.”

Credit: Starship Entertainment

Finishing the interview, he talked of his belief in music, that it can give comfort to one’s mind and soul. The artist claimed that he was happy that he was with music for his life. He also made positive remarks saying, “If you ever need my music, I’m right here so please feel free to be with my music. I’m so grateful to have such great support from you! Please look forward to my album and future activities. Thank you very much.”


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