Song Joong Ki Talks About His Character in ‘Vincenzo’

Credit: tvN

Song Joong Ki has opened up about the similarities and differences between the character in Vincenzo and himself.

On the 13th, an interview video of tvN’s new weekend series Vincenzo‘s Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin had been uploaded.

Song Joong Ki, who plays the role of Vincenzo, introduced his character saying that he is “a mafia lawyer from Milan. He is a brutal and ruthless lawyer who lived his entire life in Italy.” The actor also half-jokingly said that he decided to appear in the show because he “felt like he had to.”

The differences and similarities between the actor and his character were also pointed out. For similarities, he said that “we both enjoy being alone,” while Jeon Yeon Bin responded saying “I thought he enjoyed being around people as he takes such good care of people on set.” For the difference, Song Joong Ki claimed that Vincenzo tends to wear formal and classic clothes while he prefers comfortable clothes.

Credit: tvN

The actor also said that the drama is a “healing point,” and that the filming set for Vincenzo is the most enjoyable. Expectations were also raised for his comedic acting, as he said that it was hard but fun to perform such scenes.

The interview of Jeon Yeo Bin, who plays the role of Hong Cha Young, followed. She introduced the unique character of hers saying that “Cha Young is a lawyer who is competitive, persistent, and smart.” When asked why she chose to work with the show, she replied that “there was no reason not to. I’ve heard of director Kim Hee Won before. I also didn’t know that Song Joong Ki was going to be in the drama. So I was like, I won the lottery.”

Vincenzo will kick off at 9 p.m. KST on the 20th as it illustrates an Italian mafia lawyer who comes to Korea after being betrayed by his organization.

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