LOONA’s Chuu Releases OST for ‘Fling at Convenience Store’!

LOONA’s Chuu has participated in the OST of a web drama.

On February 14th, Blockberry Creative announced that LOONA’s Chuu and DIPPIN’s Lee Hyeop had participated in “Hello,” an OST for Dingo Music’s web drama Fling at Convenience Store. “Please look forward to the song perfected with the romantic lyrics and Chuu’s voice,” they said.

“Hello” is a sweet song that interprets what it is like to be in an indefinite relationship with someone (which is referred to as ‘Some’ in Korean). Chuu’s beloved clear and pure voice and Lee Hyeop’s sweet voice are raising expectations as they together participated in the main title song for the show. The song has been further perfected particularly by Gaho and his crew Cave, who was recognized for participating in Itaewon Class‘ OST “Start.”

Dingo Music’s web drama Fling at Convenience Store is a story about youths who find love in the space of a convenience store. The series is played by popular idols and has received a lot of attention as viewers got to vote for who to end up with, in the last episode through the comments. It provided a different charm as an interactive web drama.

Credit: Blockberry Creative

Chuu participated in Fling at Convenience Store‘s OST “Hello” after “Spring Flower” for Memorials. She was praised for her clear voice, showing off her influence by topping iTunes charts in 19 different countries with the song.

Meanwhile, the OST “Hello” of Fling at Convenience Store sung by LOONA’s Chuu has been released and available on various music platforms.


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