TV Chosun to Take Legal Actions Against MBN for “Plagiarizing Program Structures”

TV Chosun announced that it will take legal action against MBN, claiming that MBN had plagiarized its format for Trot programs.

Credit: MBN

News1 reported on the 18th that TV Chosun recently sent out a proof of contents as it will take legal action after judging that two programs of MBN, Voice Trot and Trot Fighter violated its copyrights.

The channel claimed that MBN’s Voice Trot plagiarized TV Chosun’s own formats of Miss Trot and Mr. Trot. It furthermore judged that Trot Fighter plagiarized the format of We Will Sing Your Requested Songs: Romantic Call Centre.

TV Chosun’s Miss Trot and Mr. Trot are trot music audition programs for celebrities and the general public. MBN’s Voice Trot also contained celebrities, as a trot audition program.


We Will Sing Your Requested Songs: Romantic Call Centre is a program in which top winners of Mr. Trot introduce stories sent by viewers from all over the country as they sing requested songs. Trot Fighter, which TV Chosun claims to be the product of plagiarism, is a program where the performers of Voice Trot establish virtual agencies and hold Trot Battles.

TV Chosun reported that it sent out proof of content plagiarism several times in December last year, but MBN remained unresponsive. Consequently, the lawsuit has been filed.


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