Rappers BewhY & Khundi Panda Heavily Under Fire for Their Rude Behaviors on Radio Show Hosted by DAY6’s Young K

Credit: Kiss the Radio Instagram

Rappers BewhY and Khundi Panda came heavily under fire for their insincere attitude and rude remarks on radio hosted by DAY6’s Young K.

On Jan 15, BewhY and Khundi Panda appeared as guests on KBS Cool FM’s Kiss the Radio. However, the two disappointed fans and listeners with their insincere and rude actions throughout the show.

First, when Young K was introducing the two rappers, they took selfies with their own phones and even uploaded them on their social media. BewhY’s phone even rang in the middle of the broadcast after he failed to put it on mute.

“I won’t do it,” BewhY said proudly, rejecting a request from listeners for a three-line acrostic poem. Khundi Panda reluctantly called out the fan’s name after saying, “I don’t want to do it,” when he was asked by his fan to call out her name as her new year’s wish.

Credit: Kiss the Radio

Improper language choices also frowned the listeners. BewhY described Khundi Panda’s rap as “fu***** good,” and even after Young K tried to soothe out the words as “very good,” BewhY kept repeating the expression “fu***** good” over and over again, making the netizens uncomfortable. As BewhY has made himself known to be a devout Christian, his words and actions shocked his fans even more.

Their rudeness didn’t stop there. When Khundi Panda received a request to sing a phrase from the hit song “VVS,” he refused, “I want to do it, but I forgot the lyrics. I will practice it till the next time.”

After the broadcast, netizens poured out their criticisms over the two rappers, commenting, “This is the first time I turned off the radio because of the rude guests,” “Would they have done this if the host wasn’t an idol?” or “Young K must have been through hell.”


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