Oxford-Graduate Egyptologist Takes a Parting Shot at Seol Min Seok for His ‘Non-Factual’ Lectures

Credit: tvN

Archaeologist Kwak Min Soo, who received doctorate degrees in archaeology and Egyptology from London University, Oxford University, and Durham University, raised questions about the contents of Seol Min Seok’s lecture in Seol Min Seok’s Naked World History.

In the recent episode of tvN’s Seol Min Seok’s Naked World History, Seol Min Seok gave a lecture on Egypt and their last pharaoh Cleopatra. However, on Dec 20, archaeologist Kwak pointed out the “non-facts” in his lecture.

He wrote, “I am watching the Cleopatra episode of Seol Min Seok’s Naked World History. But just as I was worried, nonfactual contents are piling up. There is so much wrong information that I don’t know where to begin.”

According to Kwak, the maps that Seol used for his lecture and the part he explained “VENI VIDI VICI” were completely inaccurate. The word he used to describe Seol’s comparison of Cleopatra and Ptolemaeus names with Dangun (legendary founding father of Gojoseon) is “absurd.”

The archaeologist then added, “There are so many other things, but I’m just gonna skip them.” He then finished his writing, “I take big issue with people crossing gossip with facts just to deliver fun’ stories from history.’ But the program Seol Min Seok is hosting the ultimate of that. … I don’t think the part I consulted on is not even included. So I guess, just don’t watch it.”


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