Taeyeon Yet Again Impresses Her Listeners by Her New Song ‘What Do I Call You’

Credit: SM Entertainment

Taeyeon, whom you could “Trust and Listen to” has made a comeback on December 15th at 6 PM kst with her new song and music video, “What do I call you”. 

This is about 7 months after her previous release in Korea, “Happy”. Combined with unique instrumental sounds, “What do I call you” is a minimal yet rhythmical R&B Pop song. In particular, Taeyeon’s vocals shine through the song as they portray a calmness that lingers around a break-up.

Credit: SM Entertainment

Taeyeon introduced the song as “a mixture of coolness, indifference and a drop of hip-hop.” 

Credit: SM Entertainment

While Taeyeon usually gets more attached to songs in the album which are not the title track, that is not the case this time. She chose “What do I call you” to be her favorite from the album and explained how “the melodies and feels of the song” aligned well with her style. 


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