“This is how you treat singers” The Fact Music Awards Provided Hotel Rooms as Dressing Rooms

Credit: The Fact

It seems like The Fact Music Awards learned what not to do from the 2020 MAMA. The fact that the organizer gave hotel rooms as singers’ dressing rooms is drawing hot attention from K-pop fans around the world.

Last week Mnet came under fire when the fact that they made singers stary in the parking lot for hours hit the wire. Mnet tried to avoid the bullets by saying, “We wish we could have provided waiting rooms for all participants, but we had to follow the self-quarantine rule.” And yet, the negative opinions against MAMA failed to dial down, and the controversy continued.

And today, The Fact Music Awards was held from 4 p.m. KST. In the beginning, fans complained of how often the ads for Paradise Hotel appeared on the screen. But when the groups/singers posted selfies or hosted V LIVE, the negative quickly turned into positive as they were seen using their rooms as their dressing rooms.

Credit: The Qoo
Credit: The Qoo
Credit: The Qoo
Credit: The Qoo
Credit: The Qoo

Check out some of the comments: “MAMA, you should learn from them.” “MAMA, do you see this? This is what dressing rooms are.” “Best award show is The Fact…and it’s a fact.” “MAMA is embarrassed to see this.”

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