Court Rejects the Injunction 2PM’s Nichkhun Filed Against a Stalker

Credit: JYP Entertainment

2PM’s Nichkhun filed for an injunction against a woman who stalked him, but the court rejected it.

According to a media outlet, the Seoul Central District Court rejected a temporary restraining order requested by Nichkhun against a woman named Kim.

“Kim stated during the interrogation that she no longer intends to follow Nichkhun,” the court ruled. “Since no evidence of her committing the same acts during the last three months have been submitted, it is hard to say that there is a risk of her repeating the same actions in the future.”

The court added, “However, if Kim approaches or contacts Nichkhun against his will after this case and interrupts his peaceful life and work, he (Nichkhun) can seek out separate injunction.”

Earlier in July, Nichkhun filed a civil suit against Kim, demanding a ban on face-to-face talks, a prohibition on communication using telephone and text messages, and a restraining order. At the time, JYP Entertainment said, “We are considering legal actions against the woman, and there will be no mercy. Artist is under constant stress, and the degree (of her stalking) is serious.”

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