An Aspiring Singer Commits Suidice and Her Guitarist Ex-Boyfriend Arrested for Criminal Charges

After Song, an aspiring singer in her 20s, was found dead, there has been a stir over allegations that her death involved sex crimes by her ex-boyfriend, a singer-songwriter and a guitarist.

According to a report by MBC, Song, who had dreamed of becoming a singer, passed away, and the bereaved family found shocking messages on Song’s cell phone written two months before her death, such as “He put drugs in my drink,” I belatedly learned that he did something worse to me,” and “I can’t do anything, and I feel like I’m losing my mind.”

Credit: MBC

After realizing the truth behind her death, the family filed a complaint against his ex-boyfriend A for committing sex crimes, including drugging her and illegally filming.

Song’s ex-boyfriend A is a guitarist, singer, and composer known to have participated in the recent album of a famous idol group.

As a result, the police confiscated the singer’s phone and computer and started an investigation. A’s lawyer refuted the claim, saying that all the claims are the accuser’s unilateral arguments, but the police booked him on charges of sexual violence and rape.

According to MBC reports, Song’s acquaintances also agreed that she suffered from illegal filming and sexual assault when she was dating A. Police are currently working on analyzing digital evidence and will summon A within this month for questioning.

Credit: NAVER Onstage

As the case became public, band Autumn Vacation landed at No. 1 on real-time search keywords on portal sites. This is because Autumn Vacation’s Bobby Chung was speculated as Song’s ex-boyfriend A. Bobby Chung has been a composer for BTS’s songs since 2018 and recently worked with TXT. Nothing has been confirmed, and there is a chance of this being a false rumor, but netizens are already pouring out criticisms in his SNS channels.

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