SEVENTEEN Delivers Warm Comfort with Their New Album ‘; [Semicolon]’

Credit: Pledis Entertainment

SEVENTEEN will make their comeback in about 4 months with a new special album.

On October 19, the group’s special album ; [Semicolon] and the music video for the title track “HOME;RUN” will be released.

As SEVENTEEN surpassed 1.1 million pre-orders with the new album following their previous album Heng:garæ, expectations are rising rapidly if the group can set a new record as a double million-seller. ; [Semicolon] delivers a shout of hope that gives warm comfort, support, and sympathy to all youth that have to run nonstop with a more mature and positive message of “Let’s take a break and enjoy the feast of youth.” The members participated in the album’s work to draw a more empathetic and realistic image of youth. The title track “HOME;RUN” is a song that cheers the infinite growth of youth who are struggling through the present era with a cheerful and swing genre-based retro sound.

SEVENTEEN told stories about the upcoming album through their label.


Q1. How do you feel about your comeback after 4 months?
Vernon: I am filled with emotions and really excited. We worked hard on it, so I hope you look forward to it and show a lot of your love.
Seungkwan: I worked with the members with excitement and joy, and I hope that good energy can be delivered to the listeners.


Q2. Please introduce your new album and the title song.
Jeonghan: We expressed this album in semicolon in the hope that it will provide a short time for youth to catch their breath.
Woozi: This album presents various genres of music, including swing, retro-funk, Latin, and bossa nova, so I hope that more people will be able to sympathize and enjoy it.
Wonwoo: The title track “HOME;RUN” is based on the swing genre, and it’s a song that sends messages like “passion of youth” and “you can rest for a while.” I hope it gives you warm comfort and empathy.

Credit: Pledis Entertainment

Q3. What’s the key point of your new album?

Hoshi: We’ve always been growing and developing, working hard in our place. As always, I hope you pay attention to good music and great performances.
The8: The story of youth and the overall concept of retro are expressed in various personalities of the mix sub-units, so you will be able to feel different charms from the existing sub-units.
Mingyu: SEVENTEEN always takes on new challenges. I think the public will be able to feel that in this album as well.


Q4. Any words to CARATs who have always been the rock for SEVENTEEN?
Joshua: CARATs who are so supportive and constantly giving love! I’ll become a singer who always tries hard to show you great performances and good music.
Jun: Thank you so much to CARATs, who always give us strength, and I will work harder to become a proud member of SEVENTEEN.
Dino: Thank you CARATs for always supporting and loving SEVENTEEN. I will do my best to give you happy memories with this promotion.


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