Ham So Won and Jin Hua’s Daughter Attacks the Same Girl the Third Time and Their Reactions Are Infuriating Netizens

Credit: TV Chosun

Netizens are telling Ham So Won to deal with her daughter before agonizing over the breakup rumor between her and Jin Hwa.

On Sept. 22, Ham So Won returned to the Wife’s Taste, trying to eradicate the breakup rumor between her and Jin Hwa, but only sparked more controversy.

Ham So Won appeared in a nervous face as it was revealed that her daughter Hye Jung has attacked Gabin for the third time. What was more shocking is that Hye Jung had scratched Gabin her fingernails while Gabin was sleeping soundly.

Previously, Ham So Won’s daughter bit her friend Gabin’s neck and arm, causing worries. And now she scratched Gabin’s face in more than three places. 

Credit: TV Chosun

However, what sparked the controversy even more came after. During the episode, psychiatrist Oh Eun Young visited Ham So Won’s house, as well as Gabin and Gabin’s mother, to check Hye Jung’s problems. Throughout the show, Hye Jung would push Gabin, steal Gabin’s toys and even step on dishes, but Ham So Won stood idly by, not knowing what to do, shocking the psychiatrist and the viewers. Instead of disciplining, she would ask questions like “why is my daughter doing that,” enraging netizens,

After the show ended, netizens expressed their anger.

“The child’s actions are very bad. I’m not criticizing because it’s Ham So Won, but she needs to fix her daughter’s actions quickly.”

“I understand Ham has her reasons when she ‘crave’ for money, but she better take care of family first before it falls apart.”

“I don’t want to see this family on this show anymore.”

“She asked ‘why do you only attack Gabin?’ Sounds like you’re saying Hyejin can bite and scratch other babies.”

“If Hye Jung was the one who got hurt, seeing her temper, she would hit the roof.”

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