Seungri Only Admits to 1 of the 8 Charges Against Him at First Hearing

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Seungri, a former member of Big Bang, denied most of the charges at his first military court hearing. Of all the 8 charges, including habitual illegal gambling, solicitation of prostitution, assistance in the solicitation of prostitution, violation of sexual crime laws through the spread of illegal sexual content via SNS, breach of business finance regulations, violation of food sanitation laws, embezzlement, and illegal foreign monetary transactions, he only admitted to one.

On September 16, the Ground Operations Command’s general military court held Seungri’s first hearing. And Seungri’s attorney stated, “We deny all charges except his violation of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act.”

First, habitual gambling. Seungri’s defense argued that Seungri did gamble, but it wasn’t habitual. Seungri is suspected of gambling about 2.2 billion KRW (approximately 1.87 million USD) on eight occasions, and the lawyer claimed that the reason the artist visited Las Vegas was not for gambling purposes.

Seungri’s side also refuted the violation of sexual crime laws. Though they admitted to sending some of the sexual photos/footages on the group chat room, which includes Jung Joon Young, they claimed, “He did not take the photos himself. He only shared photos that he received from an adult entertainment establishment in a group chat with his friends.”

As for the suspicion of arranging prostitution services for foreign investors in order to procure investments for his businesses, Seungri’s attorney put the blame on Yoo In Seok, former head of Yuri Holdings.

He also refuted the allegation of purchasing prostitution services himself, and also denied the embezzlement charges.

About his alleged violation of the Food Sanitation Act in relation to his operation of club Monkey Museum, Seungri gave an answer personally. He said, “After receiving the correction order, all of the problematic structures were taken out. I was mostly overseas due to my activities as a celebrity, so I could not confirm it with my own eyes.”

Seungri’s defense is currently “disagreeing” to all of the witnesses’ statements regarding sex trafficking presented by military prosecutors.

Meanwhile, the date for Seungri’s secondary military court hearing will be decided soon.

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